Ashlee Simpson’s Accidental Lip-Sync Exposure
Ashlee Simpson’s Net Worth: $11 Million

Ashlee Simpson was all ready to perform her greatest hits on the Saturday Night Live stage in 2004 without knowing it would be the most embarrassing moment of her life. As she was about to sing her second song, Autobiography, the vocals for her other track, Pieces of Me, started playing in the background. This revealed that the now-36-year-old performer wasn’t performing live and was only lip-syncing then.

By the looks of it, her band didn’t notice the wrong song was playing while she stood frozen on stage. She just started to dance out of the blue to make her way out of the stage. After that event, Simpson was hit with a huge backlash, but she tried to redeem herself. She said she had acid reflux at the time, stopping her from singing live. We now wonder if Simpson used her medical insurance back then to have herself checked.