Several critters are roaming on earth, and they can either be deadly or friendly. Animal lovers undoubtedly have an idea which ones they can bring home, be their pets and be a member of their families— but do they really know what the friendliest animal of them all is?

We can bet you think that dogs will top this list. Sure, that’s true to a certain degree, but we’re sorry to say it’s a no!

Find out which among these top 10 animals is the friendliest, and you’ll be undoubtedly surprised to know what it is.

10. Swan

This thing may have chased you when you were young, but believe us, the swan is one of the most amiable animals that you can see. Their delicate curved necks and gentle bodies may make them look fragile, but these things are also the symbols of their love and loyalty.
Swans are loyal to their partners. They belong to the Anatidae family, which also includes ducks and geese. They can be one of the friendliest water birds to own— just don’t hurt their partners and younglings. If you do, prepare to run.

9. Sheep

Sheep also gets the credit for being one of the most affectionate farm animals. They’re not just cute and cuddly; they’re not aggressive, too, so you don’t have to be afraid to pet them.
Woollies are one of the best companions humans can have. They’re usually bred as livestock and the first domesticated animal for agricultural works. Anyone who has a pet sheep will even assure you that this animal can keep you company. They have a lifespan of 12 years, so you can enjoy more than a decade of cuteness and incredible love that they can give.

8. Horse

A horse looks every inch majestic, from their mane to their snout to their tale. Lucky for those who have this domesticated odd-toed ungulate mammal. They’re not only friendly, but these four-legged speedsters are also social, loyal, and emotional, just like humans, which may have formed the long-time bond between horses and people.
They can be the best companion and workmate in one, not to mention emotional support if you need one. They’re about 300 species of horses worldwide, but 18 of them are already endangered, so we better keep them safe.

7. Guinea Pig

One of the kids’ favorite pets is a guinea pig. Why? They’re not only cute; they’re easy to take care of and, of course, friendly. They may have belonged to the rodent species, but this one is domestic and part of the genus Cavia in the Caviidae family.
Their kind, however, is kind of attention-seeking. Guinea pig loves attention, so if you’re planning to have one, make sure you’re attentive. They’re herbivores, so you won’t have any problem feeding them. Just by the swipe of your credit card, you can have everything they need from the store. The Guinea pig has a lifespan of four years, and its teeth continuously grow throughout that time.

6. Rabbit

Rabbits may be tiny, but they’re big in cuteness—see that big ears and thick cotton-like fur. They may be naughty, but they’re lovable and super affable, too. Did you know that they can be trained, too? Yep! You can teach them to do their thing in the litter box and even respond to the name you gave them.
See how smart they can be? Rabbits have been kept as pets as far as the 1800s. They’re herbivores and feed on grass, so providing for them is no biggie. You’ll never end up in a loan, we promise! Anyhow, just like cats, they like to have their own space and plenty of it to play around with. They’re also keen to keep themselves clean, so you’ll see them cleaning themselves often.

5. Giant Panda

Who doesn’t love a giant panda? They’re like a massive stuffed toy that came to life and spread cuteness all over the place. That’s mainly the reason why they are also called panda bears. Their breed is native to South Central China, so those who live nearby and want to see them up close and personal can spend extra on gas to visit them. You can even see them chilling, swimming in the waters as they’re excellent swimmers themselves.
Pandas have a plump cuddly body with a black-and-white coat, weighing 300 pounds. Sadly, despite the cuteness, their kind is going extinct, so everyone has to do something about it.

4. Dolphin

Do you remember the movie Flipper? I’m sure you’ve seen how friendly and playful the dolphin named Flipper here, and it speaks volumes about their kind in real life. They’re not just cute and genial, though. They’re also one of the most intelligent animals in the world.
Dolphins can be playful, even to their fellow animals. You can see a lot of their cute videos online playing with dogs, kids, and anyone. They’re also harmless, so you don’t have to worry when you happen to meet one, and mind you, they have advanced social skills to a certain degree. Dolphins can often be seen following ships and boats in the sea. They usually move in groups, and if you’re lucky enough, they may even put a little show for you.

3. Cats

This list will never be complete without cats. They’re playful, carefree, naughty, and though they’re also bossy, we still love them as much. Despite being snobbish at times, cats are one of the friendliest animals in the world.
Never belittle this animal as they’re also brilliant amid their small size and fragile body. They may be disinterested at times, but they will love you much bigger than you love them. Felines have the most prominent personality; they can make anyone fall in love with them in a minute. They also love to keep themselves clean, so you don’t have to make a considerable investment in their cleaning stuff. Believe it or not, they can truly manage.

2. Dogs

Sorry to tell you, but the dog just comes second on this list. Many surely expect canine to be number one, and we can’t blame you. It can’t be denied that dogs are one of the friendliest species that you can find on this planet, but there’s much nicer than them, and you’ll find out soon what it is.
Anyway, back to the loving dog. They’re not just friendly and lovable; they’re one of the most faithful and loyal animals, too. Dogs are sensitive to human emotions, and they are already dated back in history. People started domesticating dogs thousands of years ago, and they have been great companions ever since.

1. Capybara

The number one on the list is— surprise— the capybara! This giant cavy rodent gets the credit for being the friendliest animal on earth. You may be intimidated by its looks, but they’re super chill and get along with other animals as well, like cats, birds, camels, and even crocodiles! That’s how friendly they can be.
Capybara is calm and passionate. They even adopt other strays and make them their own. They’re highly sociable and gentle, and you don’t have to be afraid when you get near them. This semi-aquatic animal is the largest rodent in the world and weighing up to 65 kilograms. They can live up to 12 years and always in large groups.

Based on materials from A-Z Animals and Value Walks

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