Are you familiar with the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet? If we were to get a moral lesson from the story, it’s that even though certain things are intended to be together, fate has other plans in mind. Luna and Cloud’s platonic love story, on the other hand, not only defies fate but people’s expectations as well! Their animal friendship is undoubtedly unique, and many people on the internet have grown to love them!


Luna, the piglet, is now a new family member in Atlanta, Georgia, who has been sent by a friend. Her new family has a gentle dog named Cloud, a four-year-old Golden Retriever who makes for a great natural home security system.

Luna and Cloud grew close because of their daily encounters and their growing familiarity even in such a short time. The buddies are co-allergic to the heat, and they are concreted in so they can roam freely during the daytime, but they still like to cuddle inside on a small rugby fire if it gets cold.


Luna and Cloud’s owner, Stacey Becker, has asserted that the two are dependent on each other and have been inseparable since. Despite being joined at the hip, the pets have been described by Becker as almost two separate entities. As it turns out, the hands-on owner still keeps an eye on her precious pets even from afar. Becker can still monitor their day-to-day activities from her office through a high-tech home security system.

Whenever Becker turns on her system, the first thing she notices is that Luna glances up at Cloud, very just like a dog does. Most importantly, Cloud has been raising Luna to be crate-trained, and she is constantly learning how to walk on a harness. The responsible older pooch also instructs the little piglet about what she would do when she’s out in the park, when she’s out of the house, and when it’s time to relieve herself.


The piglet is like the shadow of the dog. Whatever Cloud does, Luna copies it, and everyone finds it so adorable. The family now even calls Luna a doggie— and guess what, she loved it! Luna approaches them whenever they mention, “Come here, dog.”

It is cute and funny how affectionate Luna and Cloud are with each other in the backyard. Their shared Instagram profile has over 13,000 fans because of their cute and funny activities, especially their amusing boxing matches. This engagement earned them money for the whole family’s investments.

Luna and Cloud will most likely teach you to take it at your own pace. These two like being warm and fuzzy, so they prefer cuddling at that time of day when the humans have breakfast and want them to slow down and really take a moment to really savor it. They usually hop on Becker’s lap first thing in the morning and distract her from starting something again. You get to see how well their life is living with this cute pig who thinks she is a puppy!


The story of this unusual friendship can be traced to our favorite old-time movie with the title Babe. People will come to accept the pig and rooting that the swine would be spared from being sent to the market and be able to survive.

However, people would still want to consume more pork if available at social events and weddings as they realize that pork is healthier and more filling than beef.

While many remain in awe and take pleasure in looking at an illuminated and moving pig or, how may it be that folks who make appreciative comments at the sight of both animation and real pigs eat them in real life guilt-free? Like most of us, the general public cannot survive without meat, and they think that pork is a good investment.

We certainly cannot control the food choices of other non-vegan people. Given the state of our world today, we think it’s not feasible to shift and credit an all-organic diet for our day-to-day needs. However, we think that people can still be kinder to animals, to a certain degree.

The bare minimum we could do to help sweet pigs like Luna, among other peaceful animals, is to be against animal cruelty. This can come in the form of blacklisting cosmetic companies who still engage in harmful animal testing for their products or trying to preserve the natural ecosystems of endangered animals.

Through our little conscious efforts, we are making the world a better place for loving creatures and unique pets such as Luna.

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