First-time moms can attest to the overwhelming emotion of having a baby for the first time. Although several online classes offer newborn care, the actual handling mixed with emotions is something that cannot be taught. While many people can share their roller coaster moments of having a newborn baby, it seems like animals experience the same too.

Like humans, animals also have feelings and emotions. Though they cannot speak, actions and body language can suggest or imply what they mean to say. As we are busy with our daily lives, we tend to miss the incredible show of communication by animals even if they are just in front of us. Good thing several recorded pieces of evidence prove animals can feel like humans do.

Recently, a video of a dog went viral as the dog tries to console and care for her new puppies. The touching and fantastic story of this new mommy-dog caught a degree of attention from many as she seems to have the same instinct as a human mother would. Scroll down below and watch for yourself how Yami, the new mom Golden Retriever, finds ways to calm her babies.


Yami is a Golden Retriever from Zhengzhou, China, who gave birth for the first time in early October. The new mom’s incredible mommy moments were captured by a home security device installed in her owner’s house.

As seen in the video, Yami starts to get anxious when she hears her three puppies whinining as they lay in their dog bed. Seemingly, Yami walks around as if thinking and looking for a solution. What she did next surprised many.


She fetched a toy and put it near the puppies— an act that resembles a mother entertaining a baby to stop crying. Apparently, it was not enough to make the puppies settle down, so she went away again and grabbed another toy for them. Yami even filed her puppies in one spot and tended to them all at once. At the end of the video, Yami was nudging and caressing her little ones. According to Yami’s owner, it took her three hours before the puppies finally settled down. Credits to the dog’s patience!

Yami’s owner shares during an interview that it was the first time she saw Yami act like a human. Touched and amazed by Yami’s actions, the owner then narrates other relative scenarios that show Yami’s maternal instinct. She recalled how she often sees Yami feeding her puppies standing up as she might be preventing them from getting crushed. Additionally, the owner caught Yami fetching warm clothes a couple of times and put them around her puppies, with the intention of keeping her puppies warm.


The original clip was uploaded in TikTok-Douyin, a Chinese version of TikTok. The video has already reached several parts of the globe as it was uploaded on other social media channels. This allowed the video to gather several reactions from viewers worldwide. Most of them expressed how the dog seems so intelligent, while others have attested that dogs are lovable creatures who are God’s greatest gift. One viewer even mentioned that other animals know how to show their love in many different ways!

Clearly, animals like Yami the Golden Retriever have the innate capacity to care for their young as most human mothers do. It is also in their nature to be sensitive to their surroundings and act accordingly. As such, it proves that dogs are affectionate animals and are the perfect companion of humans and the reason why they are called man’s best friend. While most treat their furry friend as a family member, some also see dogs as an investment, whether it be for monetary gains such as dog breeding and grooming or for companionship and security.

Photo Credits:
Tiktok Screenshot/Douyin