Have you ever watched the tearjerker Hachi: A Dog’s Tale? It’s a true story about a Japanese Akita dog named Hachikō who lived in the 1920s and served as the most loyal pup to his owner, Professor Parker Wilson. Even after his owner passed away, Hachiko waited at the usual spot where he and Professor always met after class.
Anyway, we’re here to talk about another Japanese dog who recently made headlines. He may look like Hachiko, but Yuki-Chan is from a different breed called the Shiba Inu. If you ask us, both adorable dogs have captured our hearts just the same!

To find out why she took the Internet world by storm to a considerable degree, read the exciting tale below:

Sleep all day

Who doesn’t love sleep? A Shiba Inu pup named Yuki-Chan is very particular when it comes to her sleeping habits. From tofu pillows to a bag of chips, instant noodle pots, and sardine cans, the three-year-old dog is having the most delicious dreams ever. Yuki-Chan loves sleeping in her “snack” beds. Credits to her owner for providing her these comic yet comfy beds; she’s having the best sleep of her life.  Well, just take a look at her. You’d most likely dive into her bed and drown with her overloaded cuteness!

What the owner has to say

Yuki-Chan’s owner created a Twitter page that is entirely dedicated to her pet’s everyday life. The social media account has now garnered more than 16,000 followers from all over the world, and these people can’t get enough of the adorable pup! According to the pet’s owner, Yuki-Chan has a “very faithful personality,” and she thinks that people love her pet’s photos because her color is similar to the udon ingredients’. Of course, her happy sleeping face is just irresistible.

Raising Yuki-Chan

The owner also pointed out that it takes many investments to raise a Shiba-Inu. She said that she brushes Yuki-Chan every day and shampoos and trims her hair every month. She added that discipline is essential because a Shiba Inu breed requires a lot of exercises, which is why they do morning and evening walks.

The Internet definitely loves her

As much as we easily fell in love with Yuki-Chan, countless people all over the Internet do too. They even wrote comments as proof of their admiration! A follower said, “Oh my, I had to look twice because I thought it was a real snack!” Another wrote, “She looks like she died and went to heaven with that smile on her face.” Yuki-Chan easily gassed up everyone’s day with her cute pictures!

Fun facts about Shiba Inu

Small but mighty, this breed of dogs loves to entertain and make their masters laugh. They’re completely satisfied walking around the house without much attention, but they’re highly intelligent and easy to groom. Shiba Inus have a personality similar to a cat and have a lifespan of 13–16 years. They don’t necessarily want to be scooped up, but they’re very loving pets. They also prefer to do what they want whenever they feel like doing it.

Shiba Inus are also an excellent watchdog, and they can learn tricks easily and provide home security. They’re very fond of children if socialized well and are very loyal to their families. They have a fox-like appearance, and female Shibas are known to be timider than their male counterparts. Both genders, however, are amazingly smart as they understand if you want them to stay, sit, or roll over the flooring when trained correctly. As we’ve mentioned, they’ll only do it when they feel like it.

If you have other furry friends around your home, you need your Shibas to be socialized in their younger years so they can get along well with their other furry siblings.

Cat-like in nature, they may seem standoffish, but they’re very polite indoor companions who will surely love you just as much as you’ll surely love them!

Photo Credits:
Twitter/Shiba Inu Yuki-Chan