Are you a dog person or a cat person?

There seems to be an endless debate between the two groups, especially when it comes to those who believe that cats are inherently evil. Cat owners are always quick to debunk the usual myths about their beloved felines, but certain things might be difficult for dog owners to understand fully. While online classes will certainly help, perhaps it’s better to hear it from people who have experienced it first-hand.

In this article, cat owners will help explain common cat body language that dog people often misunderstand. We hope you stick around and perhaps learn a thing or two!

Cats are Mean

From nipping fingers and swiping at their owners whenever they are shown a bit of affection, this is one of the reasons why some people think cats are not as loving as dogs. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The key here is to not compare a cat’s “love language” with that of a dog’s. The two have very different ways of showing the degree of affection they have, after all.

Did you know that these small bites and swipes are all part of play-fighting for your beloved pet? It means they trust you enough to know you would understand and won’t hurt them back.

Ignoring Your Presence

Dogs tend to be far clingier and more open when it comes to expressing affection for their humans. They will sit on their laps, take up a spot beside them, or just cling to their leg in an attempt to stay close. Cats, on the other hand, tend to value personal space. So when they don’t fully acknowledge your presence in the room, don’t start making investments towards a new pet! Just know that they respect you enough to give you your own space while still enjoying your company.

Sitting and Staring at Walls or the Ceiling

Have you ever woken up at night to find your beloved feline staring at seemingly nothing? Those who don’t have cats at home might see this as them either plotting against their owners or seeing something that’s invisible to the human eye. A ghost, perhaps? However, most of the time, it’s just their senses picking up something that we are unable to as humans.

Remember, cats are also naturally curious so any small movement might feel like electricity for them and catch their attention. You’ll find videos of cats staring out of a window for lengthy periods of time just because they spotted an interesting bird or a squirrel!

Cats Turning their Back on Owners

For cat-owners, moments like this one are pretty hilarious. This is because they know that this doesn’t mean they’re being snubbed by their pet. On the contrary, it’s a show of trust between a human and their feline. Cats are predators, after all, and turning their back on someone bigger than them can be dangerous in the wild. So, if you find them with their back turned to you while they’re standing on the flooring, it’s their way of saying that “I trust that you’ll watch my back.” Quite touching, isn’t it?

Cats Head-Butting and Nibbling Their Humans

While it may catch you by surprise, especially if you happen to be relaxing when they do it, this is one of the more expressive ways they show humans their affection. Even lions do this to members of their pride to establish trust. It isn’t just because they want food or want to challenge you in some way.

The same goes for when they nibble on your arms or fingers. No, they are not trying to see if you’re edible, so don’t rush to getting that life insurance for yourself! Instead, this is their way of marking you. Basically, they’re telling you that they see you as part of their “family” and recognize that you are like them! In our opinion, there is no greater honor.

So there you have it, just five of the most commonly misunderstood cat behaviors. While they might be seen as snobs or evil because of it, the real meaning behind their actions is far more endearing.

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