In the United Kingdom, a new rule has been passed around, which will almost be finalized and made legal. We’re pretty sure this would bring a lot of joy to the pet owners since this new decree is all about having pets!

It states that people with pets can now rent a place whenever and wherever they want to. To a certain degree, it is no longer prohibited or a violation to have pets inside apartments. Owners or landlords no longer have the authority to ban people from renting the place if they bring pets along with them, and for those who are already renters of the area, they can now have some new pets of their own choosing anytime they want to!

Pros And Cons

This can be a good thing and a bad thing. We have to admit that we should give credit to the people who thought about this rule. We’re pretty sure they are a big help to those people who can’t live without pets. It must be so hard to choose between your beloved pets and your home every single time you’re looking for a place to stay.

Some people even treat their pets like family, which is a good and very therapeutic thing. The thing is, this might cause more problems. Apartment or landowners could still say no even after this mandate becomes an official law, and people could file for reports. The commotion would create a whole new case and problem altogether.

People don’t want to talk things through anymore and will often base everything legally, making the law speak for itself. This is also one of the most trending topics online since citizens are already debating the new law. People around the world already have different opinions and reactions about the plan being legalized.

Two Way Street

In order for this new rule to work, people should have an investment in open communication. More importantly, they should learn to hear each other out. Landlords must understand that it is not that easy to leave a pet behind – to a friend’s house or, worse, to the streets.

On the other hand, pet owners might also want to consider where they would like to rent. If they notice someone within the building has a severe degree of allergic condition, the owners themselves should look somewhere else willingly.

This can also be applied to a place where someone is constantly studying or if someone who lives there has a full-time night shift job and needs plenty of rest. If you sense that your pet is loud and naturally stubborn, pushing to stay in the area may not be the best idea. It’s best to move on and keep searching for a place.

If you come by a place with significantly fewer cleaning schedules or has little to no windows, you should pass for the good of your own pet. Owners should be careful about their violations, too.

If the landowners want, they can add an extra rental fee for people with pets. They don’t have to give someone an eviction notice or force someone to quiet their pets because that is just simply impossible.

Responsibility Is Key

It is all common sense. Pet owners should mind their pets and make sure they don’t damage or break anything inside the apartment. If things are handled responsibly, there shouldn’t be too much problem.

Other owners can make an official written agreement if they want to. Sometimes, it’s the tenants who would request this. It is prevalent to have a written agreement before leasing a place. For decades now, most of the contents of these particular agreements have something to do with pets. They are at least mentioned in the document.

Now, people can have new versions of the existing rental agreement, perhaps with a dedicated clause or page when it comes to pets. Of course, we all understand and credit that the owner probably just wants to keep everyone inside the building safe, and so he would have to ask for the tenants to be responsible with the pet at all times. If tenants comply with the required behavior, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

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