We might have heard of the trending cats lounging on ceilings through social media and videos all over the internet. Well, these felines will not be leaving our headlines anytime soon. The roof cats are back, and now, they are more visible than ever!

One store owner decided to build his cats a permanent home where he could check in on them anytime he wants to. Reversely, the man also wanted a place where his beloved pets could check in on him anytime they want. That might be more often than he expected it to be.

After designing and having a glass ceiling built for his cats to chill and hang out, the pets seem to have loved it there a little too much that they don’t want to go anywhere else, credits to his architectural-like skills. All they ever do the entire day is stare at him from below, which some people might find a bit bizarre and funny, but to the owner, it is his complete joy.

He seems to be having so much fun as he sees his cats every time he looks up. His friends are the ones who took a video of his ceiling cats since they still can’t get enough of the thought that every time they or other people walk into the shop, the cats would act as the home security.


Cats can be so intelligent and mindful—that’s why they’ve become a household favorite. It wasn’t just the owner’s friends who took videos of the cats but strangers and customers, too. They seem to notice that if they stood by the corner, one of the cats or all of them would move around and make noise. They try to warn their boss that someone might be up to something. Now, why hire a security guard when you can get the cutest ones pro bono? Now, people would intentionally hide in the corner just to see the cats’ reaction, and it would bring them a lot of entertainment once the cats move around again. People actually give credits and show appreciation to the owner after witnessing the daily cat show. They say it can make a day go better.


Unfortunately, these things might not be so pleasing to other customers who are new to the place and are just there for the purpose of seriously buying something and have no time to laugh. Sometimes, other people even get scared when the cats start to jump, roam around, or make sudden noise. People would wonder where the loud thud came from if they won’t look around hard enough. Some people might leave the store right after they’ve looked up, which is not a severe tension anyway.


While the owner must have spent a great deal of investment just to have his cats closer to him every day at work and also to keep them away from disturbing his shop, we have to admit that the cats receive the highest attention to this uniqueness. This might be more than all right with him since we are pretty sure he had already suspected his pets of becoming massive stars after their unique shelter.

Later on, people would intend to go to the store just to see the cats and take pictures and videos of them. More and more people must’ve adored cats and wanted to have felines as pets after they encounter this sight.


The glass ceiling is very high-end and fancy too. The owner really did make sure that his cats get a home that they deserve since they would become superstars. The videos went viral again, and they just keep on spreading. The credits and attention they got are well deserved anyway. We’re just shocked that after all this time, the place hasn’t become one of the top tourist destinations in the land yet, but we’re pretty sure it’s on its way to becoming one. For now, we’ll enjoy their latest videos from time to time.

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