Very often, the words “rescue” and “dog” are used interchangeably. There are many unexpected situations wherein canines became the human race’s best mate. One person tells another of the thousand times a dog has saved his or her life. How, you might ask? The dog usually alerts the owner to an approach of threat. This is the main reason why many pet owners consider dogs as huge investments.

Some of these faithful animals have been depicted as sculptures, such as George the Terrier. This creature was immortalized in the shape of a children’s party from a pit bull assault in books and newspapers. However, they have been memorialized in our media as newspaper articles and publications as well.

In this article, we will introduce you to five brave canines who rescued human beings from life-threatening situations:

1.The brave golden retriever fought a rattlesnake to save his owner.

Hiking has been one of Paula Godwin’s hobbies. Unfortunately, rattlesnakes have been recorded along trails in Paula’s stomping grounds. She was rescued by her one-year-old dog, who became attached to her.

“Our family’s real-life super is a golden retriever named Todd that rescued me. My dog wanted to get in my path where he undoubtedly might have been bitten, so he leaped in front of my legs, ready to always rescue me,” stated Paula on her viral Facebook post, expressing his gratitude to his pet. Luckily, the courageous dog was bold enough to get in the way of the venom, even when the bite occurred, so he healed nicely. This story proves that somehow our dogs can be the best investments.

2.The master dog rescued a child from cold frost.

You will never know what will happen these days. However, on one chilly night in 2013, a 13-year-old girl went missing in Poland. Her body was found in the ice in sub-zero conditions. Rescue workers who discovered the girl reported that her dog held her comfortable enough to give her heat throughout the cold frost. The master dog became her security heat blanket and was never afraid to help the little girl.

3.The patience of a Yorkshire terrier while accompanying a lost three-year-old throughout the night.

In June 2018, a Yorkshire Terrier emerged as a hero after the police discovered that he stood guard for a little girl for three consecutive nights. Her family in Missouri embarked on a vigorous hunt for the little girl who had recently vanished. Fat Heath, the dog’s name, was found huddled under the arms of the little girl. This act proves that dogs really cared to a high degree for the well-being of humans.

4.The bravery of Kerala the Dog, who protected a family from a massive landslide.

It was a typical night of August 2018 for Mohanan P and his relatives. They were sleeping comfortably in their home security system in Idukki, Kerala. However, something woke them up. It was the unrelenting yelling of their puppy, Rocky, calling them to get up.

“For whatever reason, the person making the sound was distressed. It was only when we realized something was amiss and we went to look it up and discovered the issue. I went to see, and we were on the verge of a tragic landslide,” Mohanan relayed, after being interviewed by the journalists. With Mohanan’s family and Rocky’s help, they get to the scene instantly and get out of the disaster.

5.The commitment of the puppy as he diverts the attention of the rescuers to his injured owner.

Pat Brennan loves to walk Jack, his puppy. In one unfortunate situation, while the two were enjoying their walk, the elderly man fell into a ditch. He knew that there is no chance of leaving. Pat was even worried that Jack would just run away. Rather than leaving his side, Jack never left Pat’s side. He even guides the rescuers to inform them where his beloved owner got hurt. Jack is like Pat’s home security.

Photo Credits:
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