They’re independent thinkers

Dogs are a man’s best friend, they say, but there are all sorts of things that dogs can’t do and cats can, and this is the time when cats deserve more credits. For one, cats are very independent thinkers. They are responsible as a pet. They know their own time when to go and where to do so. They have their own lunch schedule. They also don’t want to be cradled at all times. They have their own activities so if you get busy and you might want to take a break from your cuddles, they would wander off some place inside the house and have fun on their own.

They’re not afraid to break the rules

Cats can be hard headed sometimes but it is for the better. As independent thinkers, they can sometimes come off as stubborn when reality is they really are just taking care of themselves. They are the coziest company to have but they are also not afraid to break some rules. These characteristics can be very exciting. Then you’ll realize that you like a little challenged in your place. Cats know how to keep things real.

They’re designed and fit together beautifully

There is no denying that cats are the cutest pet in the world, whether they’re sleeping, eating, playing with their own feet, watching TV on your sofa, or even inside your office box. Cats are also very delightful to look at. They even have the cutest videos and stickers online. Cats and kittens would look perfect on any greeting card or TV screen. They may be colors orange, black, or white, the way their paws curl or their eyelid close matching their whiskers’ gesture are truly a sight!

Masters in chilling

A cat can be so chill. Most of the time, you don’t see them seeking for attention. They won’t jump on to your lap every day when you get home spilling all of your groceries to your favorite shirt. They would wait for you to finally have time with them. They are quiet pets which usually don’t make a lot of loud noise. They can look super relaxed and calm just hanging round in their usual spot at the corner of your room.

They make friends of all sizes and shapes

If you think that Tom and Jerry were enemies, think again. They were actually playmates. On a more serious note, surely you must have witnessed your pet cat making friends with everyone and everything inside the house, even your stuffed toy. Your cat can even be friends with the neighbors and the neighbors’ pets. Plus, the greatest thing is that they are harmless if you have visitors.

They are easily pleased

All a cat want is for you to pet them, cuddle them, call their names, greet them first thing, or just simply notice them. Most cats are actually really close to humans and as proven scientifically, they develop a dear bonding and connection with people who raised them. They develop a deeper loyalty than most pets, believe it or not. They are also very psychologically proven to ease anxiety. Cats are easily pleased, a lot easier than humans or other pets.

They don’t need a fancy bed

You don’t have to buy a fancy, bouncy, or the cushiest cat bed. Your cat would feel comfortable sleeping or resting in any corner of the house. A cat would love to sleep beside you in bed, on your kitchen table, by the window, on the sink, inside your purse, on the bath tub, and sometime just on the floor. They know how to shield themselves from the cold if they feel cold or if the weather is not very friendly. They stay simple and low maintenance.

They’re the best huggers…and in some cases, masseuse

You may have noticed that when you caress cats, they tend to fall asleep right in your arms, but their favorite spot is on your lap. They love hugs, they are a family of huggers but what most people didn’t know is that they can be great in giving massages too. Most cats would slowly climb up to your back while they see you laying face flat and walk back and forth until you’re asleep. Their steeps feel so good too!

Cats are intelligent but they don’t flaunt it

Unlike other pets who act like they know it all, cats have their own humility. Hiding their intelligence is a great example for this. They can be really observant but they don’t attack at the first strike. They are also gentle and loving but they don’t over express themselves. They don’t want to appear as needy.

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