Every animal lover knows that each and every animal has their own personality. It doesn’t matter if they are cats, puppies, or even birds; our beloved pets have their own way of expressing themselves that doesn’t always require words. While pet owners can often recognize this language, those unfamiliar will either find it confusing or hilarious.

This is why Pumpkin the cat deserves credit for clearly expressing his opinions about seeing the beach for the first time!

It Was a Great Day for Pumpkin in the Beginning

This adorable ginger cat could be seen lazily walking on the warm sand and looking as calm as can be. Despite being in new surroundings, he seems to have adjusted well and might even be enjoying himself! After all, he is with his brother and the rest of their human family—what could be better than that, right?

The video shows that they were out by the water on a beautiful, sunny day. It’s the perfect weather for playing and exploring, so the gas money they used for the trip was well worth it.

When The Wind Picked Up, Pumpkin Started to Change His Mind

The thing with cats, however, is that they can be very unpredictable. No different from the often temperamental weather on beaches, really. Since this is Pumpkin’s first time, he was not prepared for the sudden change as well.

One minute it could be calm and sunny, then windy the next. His owner captured the hilarious change in his expression when saltwater and sand began getting in his eyes. Needless to say, he wasn’t the least bit amused.

But Don’t Mistake Him for a Scaredy Cat!

The video might show him more than a degree perturbed by the situation, but Pumpkin is actually a pretty adventurous feline. According to his owners, he has been on many outdoor adventures with his family. His natural curiosity leads to him exploring every new destination he finds himself in. Like you see in the video, he was running around and playing in the sand with his brother in the beginning.

We totally understand him, though. We wouldn’t enjoy the wind picking up bits of fine sand and getting it in our eyes, nose, and mouth!

Pumpkin Has Many Interesting Stories to Share

Aside from all the adventures his family has made investments in, Pumpkin also had an interesting “kittenhood.” He was a rescue kitten who was adopted by the family after fostering him for a while. Together with his mom and the rest of their litter, they were only meant to stay for a short bit, but the family couldn’t help but fall for his charms. Pumpkin had to be adopted with his brother Moustachio because since they were kittens, the two have always been inseparable.

Pumpkin is Special in More Ways than One

You wouldn’t be able to tell it at first glance, but Pumpkin has been diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia. This can affect his motor skills and makes him clumsy at times. While he doesn’t have insurance in the same way humans do, our favorite ginger cat is still able to enjoy his life to the fullest. Besides, he’s got Moustachio to help him out if he ever finds himself in a bit of trouble!

Following the video going viral online, Pumpkin has become an internet sensation. He has his own Instagram page, where he receives plenty of loving comments from people around the world. Even his owners are surprised by the amount of love their beloved pet has been receiving!

We Can All Learn a Thing or Two from This Adventurous Cat

Life isn’t always easy, and we will encounter challenges that might seem insurmountable, but let’s all be inspired by Pumpkin’s electricity for life. It doesn’t matter if we get fair weather or a string of cloudy days. We just have to keep our chin up and keep going!

Photo Credits:
Facebook of PumpKin the Cat official