Having a dog at home is a big decision to make. Caring for a dog is just like having a child, as it constantly needs care and guidance. Likewise, dogs can turn your home upside down as it scratches, chews, and bites stuff. Most likely, you will have to deal with flooring problems if they are not potty trained well. Despite the worst, a lot of people are still in love with these furballs.

Dogs are caring and loyal creatures. Arguably, they are the best companion for people living alone. Additionally, dogs are considered stress-reliever, thanks to their adorable qualities and often silly antics.


Taking in a family dog while raising a family has mixed views. Some have veered from getting a dog as they fear it will not be safe around children and could attack their young unexpectedly. On another note, a larger portion of the crowd favors having a pooch at home. They consider dogs as good companions and training buddies for their children while growing up. Having a dog will teach them discipline and responsibilities, as explained by some dog lovers.

Apparently, having a dog inside the house can do much more good than expected to a degree, that it can also save one’s life. There are thousands of stories already that proved dog’s loyalty to their person. Yet another story rises, showing the heroic deed of a canine that saved a baby from his abusive babysitter. If you’re looking for another reason to prove a dog’s loyalty, then read on.


The couple Benjamin and Hope Jordan, from Charleston, South Carolina, had told in reports how their family dog, Killian, rescued their baby Finn from the abusive babysitter, Alexis Khan. Killian is a mix-bred Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd known by his owners as a friendly and warm dog. The canine companion became the key to unraveling the crimes of Khan, as he behaves aggressively towards her as if implying a message to his owners.


Benjamin and Hope hired Khan to look after their then seven-month-old baby, Finn, while they are away at work. They said yes to her upon thoroughly checking the woman’s professional background, even her credit score. Seemingly fit, they took Khan and trusted her with their son. Apparently, Hope had noticed that Killian is behaving differently towards Khan. The matriarch had observed the Lab stands between Khan and Finn most of the time as if preventing her from coming close to Finn. There was even a time that they had to restrain Killian from attacking Khan.

The unlikely hostile behavior of Killian towards Khan has made the couple curious and suspicious. As the couple has no home security system installed, Hope encouraged her husband to plant a video recording tool in their living room to take note of what is happening when they are away.

Benjamin was shocked upon hearing what is going on when Khan and Finn were left alone.


Initially, they heard Khan cursing and yelling at Finn. In a matter of moments, they caught a seeming splat followed by a painful cry from Finn.

What sounds like shaking was also recorded on the clip suggesting that Khan was rattling Finn violently. If you must know, this act could result in grave injury or even the demise of a small, fragile child.

As a result, Khan was sentenced to jail for one to three years and a permanent record of child abuse. Relatively, the couple now understood that Killian was protecting Finn all along and was trying to tell them the situation. As such, the couple and the whole town of Charlestown credit Killian’s bravery and loyalty as a heroic act that led to preventing a heinous crime.

This story goes to show that furry friends, when treated, fairly will reciprocate the goodness with trust and loyalty. Moreso, they are intelligent creatures that could keep their owners from harm and guard them with their life.

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